Consignor Agreement

• NO Consigner Fees, NO Charge for the Consigners App, & NO Hidden Fees

We are so excited to have you get started! Please take time to first read over our procedures and policies. Consigners will receive 40% profit off each item sold within the time period explained below or choose to have them sold under Raegan’s Relief Efforts for that non-profit to receive the 40% profit.

Drop Offs: As of 10/21/21 we are currently only accepting Quick Consign method. Contact us for more info.

Regular Discount Schedule: as follows: 30 days from listing date, the item will drop 25% off, 60 days from listing date the item will drop 50% off, 90 days from listing date item will drop 75% off.

Active Items: Your item is marked active the moment it is listed or we may choose to post date the start date according to season. It will remain showing in active stage, until the expiration date, the 30 day drop will apply and any flash sales (see below). We will do our best to set reasonable prices. If you have a dispute with a price, please make sure to do so quickly! Disputes will only be considered within 5 days of listing. However, the moment the item is active/ listed it can sell and we can not change the pricing or get it back for you at that point.

Expiration Date:  It is your responsibility to watch the status of your listings on your Consignor Access provided. Your items will be marked as expired at 90 days, once listed and in active status. From 60 - 89 days your item is available to pick up by scheduled appointment. When picking up we can print you a list of items but it will be your own responsibility to find them in the store and then bring them to the register for check out. It will remain open for shoppers to purchase until picked up, EVEN in expired mode! At day 90 your item will become store inventory. It will transfer out of your name at that point. Once your item hits 90 days it is forfeited as property of the store and no % of profit is available for you anymore. We will continue to adjust pricing or donate as we so choose.

Flash Sales: Flash Sales will occasionally happen, Live Now Consignment has the option to do so at any time in your items process. 

Payouts / Credits: Credits will be earned through products sold. You will be able to use these at any time you choose to shop in store. To use them online there is a minimum of a $10 credit and you will need to request a coupon code by contacting us. Click to us the Consignor Payout Request or stop in store to do so. For amounts less than $20 or less you may request cash in store, otherwise a check may be issued, please allow 1-2 weeks for processing. If more than 1 check is requested per Consigner (per month) a $5 fee will apply per additional transaction. Note: We do not guarantee the sale of any item.

Returned Waiting Period: The shopper has 14 days to return any item purchased. Your credit will not be available for that 14 day waiting period. Non-returnable items include swimwear, undergarments, soaps, oils, jewelry and black label. 

Reward Points: For each dollar you spend online or in store you will receive 1 Reward Point. Reward Points will accumulate to get discount codes off future purchases.

Expectations of Products: Excellent Used Condition • In style, not more than a few years old • Meets our current monthly guidelines • No stickers on any items • No alterations, No signs of wear, No damage, No missing sizing information • Freshly laundered or dry cleaned • Acceptable delivery is Cardboard Boxes or Plastic Bags.(Be aware, your bag or box may not be returned to you.) Totes will be transferred on site to our own containers and will be returned to you. Any use of hangers will require immediate transfer onto our own hangers, yours returned at drop off. NO Hangers for items shipped in the Alpaca Bag please, not responsible for returning.

Rejected Items: We have the right to reject items for any amount of reasons and no obligation to share why. Your best results will be following the guidelines in the Expectations of Products. If some of your items are not approved, you will be notified and allowed to pick them up within 10 business days. After this time has passed they will be surrendered to the store and used for donation of our choice. We will not attempt to contact you more than twice regarding these pick ups, but will keep record of such attempts.

Reclaiming Items: Once items are submitted unless rejected (or item has been listed as active for at least 60 days) our policy does not allow for collection by consignor during this process. 

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Items: Live Now Consignment will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items during the process of consignment. However, we do our best at security, cleanliness and care of your items while in our possession.

Black Label Bargain Items: If rejected for minor flaws that we feel would still sell in store, we mark them as black label. Meaning they will start at a lower clearance price and remain there for the 90 days and you will still receive the same split. 

Donated Items: Rejected donations may be given to anywhere we see fit. At this time we give them to the DAV to help with disabled veterans. We also work closely with Raegan’s Relief Efforts to help with natural disasters and Veterans. We do NOT accept donation items, this is only to be used as we need to clear out store inventory or rejected items by approved Consignors.

Delivery of Goods: Consigners agree to bear any delivery cost of their consignment items to Live Now Consign, as well as any loss or damage that might take place during the course of transportation.

Raegan’s Relief Efforts Consignments: If you are choosing Raegan’s Relief Efforts as the Consignor, your items will fall under that organization as a consignor and the profits will then pay out to Raegan's Relief Efforts. You will not receive any report on these items and they will no longer be connected to you but to RRE.

Changes to Terms: We have the right to change these terms at any time, in which all active consigners will be notified.

Age: We require all Consignors be 18 years of age or older.

Identification Information: Driver’s license ID number may be asked for consigner to participate. ID & Consigner # may be asked for at drop off and pick ups. Name, phone number, email and address are required.